Password Manager

A password manager is a tool, typically a software, that securely stores and manages a user’s login credentials. It does that by offering an encrypted vault that can be accessed with a master password.

Password managers can come in different forms. They may be browser extensions, stand-alone software, some may even be implemented in separate hardware. Some password managers are open source while others are proprietary. Some work on one platform only, others sync over various systems.

Some password managers also generate secure passwords, so the user does not have to. Really advanced systems will also check already existing passwords if they are strong enough or already have been breached.

There is, of course, a certain risk associated with the password manager creating a single point of attack for hackers: if that system is breached, all passwords it stores are breached as well. In most situations, however, the gains in security outweigh the risk. To learn more, we have an article here on the blog that tells you more about Engity’s thoughts on password managers.