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Classical Authentication with Username (E-mail) and Password

What is Username and Password Authentication?

Username and password authentication is the most commonly used and best-known method to authenticate a user. It is the traditional method for logging into portals, applications, infrastructure, systems, etc. The authentication principle is based on the "something you know" (the password) factor.

Every user usually not only knows the username and password authentication method, but also has been using the methods for years. Additionally, the username and password login method is the easiest and also cheapest to implement. If used together with another factor within the multi-factor authentication method it can also achieve the highest security standards.

Sign-up, Login, Password-Reset, Etc.

Username and Password Authentication at Engity

At Engity, we call it "the classical authentication method" as everything started with it in the Consumer Identity and Access Management space. This is also why the majority of users are familiar with this authentication method, and it remains extremely popular. And the best of all: it is extremely easy to implement in your IT landscape.
Engity has reimagined this technology, which is often considered old-fashioned, and brought it up to date. User guidance and experience, standard security measures, and a maximum of customization options make it ready for the next decade. Learn more!

    Sign-Up and Registration at Engity

    Engity provides you with a customized sign-up page tailored to your needs. You decide on logo, fonts, colors, text, and even which data fields you need. Only the e-mail and password fields are obligatory. As part of the registration process, Engity prompts the user to run the Easy-Ensure Strong Password as well as Breached Password Detection checks to increase the security level of the application.
    Screenshot of Engity's demo sign-up screen,

    Login screen at Engity

    Similar to the registration screen, you can also customize the login screen. In addition to the default patterns, you can add other authentication methods, e.g. Social Logins, to the screen. If a user hasn't signed up or has forgotten their password, they can easily switch to the other screen.
    Screenshot of Engity's demo login screen

    Password-Reset at Engity

    Engity can be configured to only allow strong and non-breached passwords. To better remember a password, Engity recommends using a password manager. However, if a user does not want to use a password manager or simply forgot his password, Engity provides a simple password reset mechanism
    Screenshot of Engity's demo password reset

    Engity's Standard Security Measures using the Username & Password Authentication Method

    Screen with different design flying in front of it with screwdriver at the side symbolizing that the design is customized.

    Easy Customization of Engity's Username and Password Authentication Solution

    Using the own Corporate Branding & Design is an important requirement within today's User Interface Design considerations. Engity supports its customers to easily customize our authentication solution following your Look and Feel (such Corporate Identity, Product design guidelines, …) requirements. It is our aim to make our solution look like your application and provide for a seamless user experience.

    Combination with Other Authentication Principles Possible

    Every company typically has their own requirements when it comes to authentication strategy. Engity advises its customers which authentication method fits the specific use case best. As a result, we select a method - or combine several - to address our customers' needs as well as to maximize users' data security. In addition to the "something to know" (password) method described above, a combination with other principles, such as "something you have" (e.g. smartphone) or "something you are" (e.g. biometrics) might be beneficial.
    Diagram showing different authentication methods: Something the user knows (password, transaction signing) something the user has (smartcard, SMS), something the user is (biometrics, IP Geolocation)

    Interested to get more information about Username and Password Authentication?

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