User is clicking on a tablet (biometric login) and gets additional security by a multi-factor authentication concept symbolized by a 3d illustration consisting of key, lock and shield next to the tablet.

Custom Enterprise Single Sign-On Authentication

What is Enterprise Single Sign-On Authentication?

Every day, more and more employees are expected to handle a growing number of passwords for various applications. Employees either start using passwords more than once, sharing them, or forget their login credentials. As a result, passwords can be stolen or leaked more easily and this leads to a data security at risk. Furthermore, efficiency, user experience, and user-friendliness are compromised.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO, also called Enterprise Single-Sign-In) authentication solutions can be the solution. They enable end-users to securely access all your (multiple) enterprise's applications with just one set of login credentials (e.g. username and password). The ESSO method works for cloud as well as on-premise solutions alike as well as for a single or multiple domains. In case of multiple domains, the authentication service is called federated identity.

The exchange of information between the different applications or providers is based on the technical standard SAML and OpenID Connect.

Why Should You Offer Enterprise Single Sign-On Solutions to Your Employees or Partners?

Enterprise Single Sign-On as Preferred Login Experience for Your Employees?

Your company has a ton of different enterprise applications to be used by your employees? You want to simplify the login experience of your employees and increase the user experience of your employees? Engity is the right partner to support you in building up a simple, comfortable and secure enterprise authentication solution your employees will love.
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