Several simple passwords written down in paper notebook are lying on top of a notebook and show what a secure password is not looking like.

Easy-Ensure Strong Password Check at Sign-Up for a Secure Authentication

Only Strong & Secure Passwords should be Authorized at Sign-Up

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly more commonplace, and the cause is in the majority of cases that compromised passwords are stolen. There are many methods by which hackers can obtain personal passwords to your online accounts. To give you some idea, these may include:

  • Brute force attacks,
  • Malware,
  • Reused passwords,
  • Common and too simple passwords,
  • Hacked credentials,
  • Credentials obtained through Phishing
  • Etc.

Hackers may use the stolen information to start disinformation campaigns against your company, to delete important Intellectual Property from your servers, to try to blackmail your company by threatening to publish vulnerable internal information or to use payment information for own online ambitions.

To reduce the risk of being compromised to a minimum, security experts highly recommend, among other things, using only strong passwords which were not compromised (or hacked) before and following certain security characteristics (see below).

At Engity, we know that it is difficult for users to set a secure and strong password. We therefore established our Easy-Ensure Password Check as a default within our registration process helping you easily setting up a secure and strong password. In combination with our Breached Password Detection Check, we support your IT department, providing a secure IT platform.

Registration process at Engity's IdP advises user that their password is too weak and not safe enough with a password strength of 3 out of 5 and asks user to provide a different password with a higher strength score.

Engity's Easy-Ensure Strong Password Check at Sign-Up

Every Identity and Access Management solution asks the user to choose their preferred password during the registration process. Engity support the user in choosing a password with its password strength check. This query ensures that the entered password complies with the company's minimum password strength guidelines. In our example, the minimum score is 4 and prevents the user to continue with their chosen password at password strength level 3.

It is at the discretion of the procuring company itself to set the password strength between level 1 (very weak) and level 5 (strong & recommended). However, Engity highly recommends to use a minimum password strength not lower than level 4 to ensure the necessary security of user account.

Tips for a Secure Password

You Want to Increase the Security Level of Your Users' Login Credentials?

You want to ensure that your users are only using passwords with a certain password strength? You want to decide on your security level yourself? You look for a partner who enables you to flexibly manage your user accounts? Contact us!
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