User is clicking on a social network icon to log in to his user account. Smartlinks to social networks support the direct login to the user account.

Social Logins & Social Sign-Ups as Easy Access to Your User Account

What are Social Logins and Social Sign-Ups?

Authentication using Social Logins is a process of identification that allows an end-user to use their existing social network`s user account credentials to log in to a third-party application or system. Social Logins eliminate the requirement to create new account credentials for every new website and application where a login functionality exists. Hence, this may be called a kind of single sign-on method for end-users. The idea behind this is that the end-user can use their personal information stored within the social network and share it with other applications. The exchange of information between the different providers is based on the technical standards OpenID Connect and OAuth.

This can speed up the registration process, simplify the login process for the end-user, and improve the customer journey. The most widely used and known Social Logins are from Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, a wide variety of social networks offer "social credentials". It is a decision for the application owner to make which social networks they want to empower to provide login functionality on their site. As Social Logins generally allow access to multiple applications across different domains, they are also known as Federated IDs.

Experts often differentiate between Social Sign-ups and Social Logins. While Social Sign-ups are generally automatically registering a user when a matching e-mail address exists, Social Logins are defined as any later access to a third-party application using a social connection.

Smartphone with social network login screen and set of different social network design templates showing the possibility to implement not so popular Social Logins on your own.

Custom Social Logins

Engity offers simple implementation of the most commonly used social networks, e.g. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft. However, do you need some very specialized and smaller social network to be integrated as Social Login? It is important for you to link your application to a special niche industry network or to a specified user group? Not a problem. You can easily implement new and other social networks using our Custom Social Login method based on the OpenID Connect technology.

Why Should You Offer Social Login Authentication to Your Users?

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Social Logins as Comfortable Login Experience for Your Users?

Are your users digital natives and do they use social networks regularly? If so, authenticating your users by linking your services to popular social networks can be an interesting consideration. We can help you to set-up the right authentication strategy.
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