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Engity (https://engity.com) offers European companies a privacy and security compliant, cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution as a service. Engity is the right technology partner specifically for start-ups and medium-sized businesses, if websites, portals or databases are to be protected by a secure user and access management, including login.

Access mechanisms with password, passwordless access with link or biometrics, single sign-on (enterprise or social logins) or multi-factor authentication are just some of the available services. Engity has significant and relevant USPs compared to mostly American competitors, such as GDPR compliance, automatic verification of hacked passwords, strong password check, login procedure without e-mail account, etc. Engity shows some of the many possibilities for future-oriented user management on its product page.

After all, the need for companies to implement legally compliant European solutions has been growing ever greater since the European Court of Justice issued a ruling regarding data transfers to the US ("Schrems II"). The reason for this is that the use of US cloud third-party providers for IAM and CIAM requires a data transfer outside of the EU. While there is currently a data transfer mechanism in place (the Transatlantic Data Protection Framework), this tool is being challenged in court and may suffer the same fate as the two previous transfer mechanisms that were both invalidated. However, digital infrastructure should be designed to be future-proof. Companies risk being held liable by competitors and regulatory authorities, as well as losing reputation vis-à-vis their customers.

Team Members

Our Founding Team

Experienced & complementary founding team with a combined working experience of more than 80 years and prior successful cooperation within other projects.
Portrait of Martin Körner


Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur in the SaaS environment with broad experience in the financial as well as technology sector

Portrait of Ursula Goebel


Chief Marketing Officer

Seasoned executive supporting building and growing organization internally and from an agency perspective

Portrait of Arne Trautmann


Chief Legal Officer

More than 20 years relevant experience as data privacy and IT lawyer, corporate counsel as well as lecturer about IP law

Portrait of Gregor Noczinski


Chief Technology Officer

Passioned engineer and specialist for SaaS offerings from a security, infrastructure and general IT perspective since more than 20 years

Our Roots & the Story behind Our Foundation

There are many specialized – mostly US-based - Identity and Access Management providers. Most of them are targeting mainly large corporate customers and do not comply with European data protection legislation.

For fifteen years, our founder Gregor had been looking for a smart and legally compliant IAM Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for start-ups, grown-ups, and the Mittelstand. As a responsible technical manager with limited internal resources (especially in the IT security space) he had always been looking for an easy-to-integrate, externally managed and maintained, secure and legally compliant user database and login management system.

Although he evaluated the market again and again with every new employer, he always ended up developing the needed solution in-house. The reasons for this were manifold and often varied from case to case. However, the lack of focus on smaller businesses as well as certain missing features for SMEs plus the non-compliance were always key drivers. Tired of building the seventh or so internal Identity and Access Management solution, Gregor decided it would be worthwhile to build an industry agnostic system also helping all his CTO friends desperately looking for an adequate solution. With this idea in mind, Gregor gathered former colleagues and friends Martin, Ursula, and Arne around him to build the European-based Identity and Access Management provider for start-ups, grown-ups, and the Mittelstand... and to be quite frankly: Corporates can also profit from Engity's feature set and its fast and hassle-free on-boarding process.

The founding team is committed to build a leading European IAM provider to serve European customers as a compliant alternative to US-based providers.

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