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Engity's Identity and Access Management Product Feature Set

Core Authentication Features

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Unique Authentication Features Developed on Customers' Request

Standard Identity and Access Management solutions often do not meet all your (customers') requirements. But you don't have to settle for a standard set of features anymore. Engity has already developed some additional and very useful new extensions to our authentication solution. And if you need more: Contact us and we will be happy to customize.

    Accounts with Usernames Only

    Not all employees have an individual business e-mail but still need to log into the company's IT systems which presents a challenge for Identity and Access Management solutions. This is because an e-mail account is normally mandatory for any login and authentication process. Engity offers the solution and provides user accounts without requiring an e-mail account for the registration process.

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    Seamless Cross-Browser & Device Interactions

    When signing-up to an app or webpage on your smartphone, you usually receive a confirmation e-mail. If you open this e-mail in your notebook's e-mail client (instead of your phone's e-mail client) it might not work. The same problem exists if you trigger a sign-up or password reset process in one browser (Chrome, for example) and your e-mail client opens the link in a different system's default browser (Edge, for example). With Engity, cross-browser and cross device compatibility is no longer a problem!

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    Cross browser and cross device compatibility displayed by multiple screens, devices and webpages

    Keyboardless Device Login

    Signing-up or logging in to apps on smart TVs, set-top-boxes, console applications or unattended services with a username and password is either frustrating because the user experience is miserable or even impossible at all.

    With Engity's Keyboardless Device Login feature, users can perform the login process on their smartphone or in their notebook browser by typing in a pairing code displayed on the device. Our approach simplifies all login procedures where user credentials are required but a regular keyboard is not available.

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    User is logging in on smart-TV in the background by entering a verification code in his smartphone

    Real-time Push Notifications

    Push notifications can help to dramatically increase the security level of an authentication solution. A notification is sent real-time to the user (and potentially also to an administrator) on all or certain (login) events. This allows the user to control and know if some action related to his account took place.

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    Customization in Identity and Access Management

    Security Features

    Every day, masses of online user accesses are hacked and customer data misused. In addition, billions of Euros and dollars are lost through online fraud. In many cases, this could be prevented with simple methods such as:

    Because the security of all our customers and their user data is very important to us, we have decided to provide the aforementioned security features by default (and not only on demand and for a fee).

    Furthermore, we have developed a Seamless Cross-Browser & Device Interaction. This function allows our customers and their users to log in easily across browser and device boundaries without having to enter their password again, but with the highest possible security.

    Customized Authentication Solution Needed?

    You like our offering or need more information? Do you have specific requirements for the implementation or roll-out of your unique identity and access management solution?

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