Icons of screen, tablet, smartphone, tablet positioned next to each other with connection in between them showing that all devices are logged-in.

Single Cross Device Login: Log in One Device but Get Access on Multiple Devices without Another Login

Standard Authentication on Several Devices

Over the last years, it became increasingly common to use multiple devices at the same time. No matter if you have used a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, a smart-watch or another intelligent device, you generally had to login to each and every device before you were able to start working with them. As a consequence, you had to authenticate yourself on each device separately with username or e-mail and password. This exercise was annoying, not user-friendly and always wasted time.

Simple authentication process on tablet shown without the need for a password after smartphone already was logged in.

Engity's Innovation: One Login for Multiple Devices

We at Engity faced the same challenge and were bored entering the same credentials including password over and over again on different devices. We searched for a way to simplify the login process across multiple devices. Today, we are proud to offer our customers a way to only login on their first device and all subsequent devices automatically know if it is the same user when the user enters username or e-mail address. All subsequent devices interact with the first logged-in device to guarantee that only identified users get access to their second, third or multiple devices.

You want to simplify your users' login journey?

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