Smartphone with virtual login display for user sign-up and identification without the need of an e-mail account.

User Sign-up and Registration Without the Need of an E-mail Account

Standard Registration Process as Part of an Authentication Solution

It is an essential part of IT security and data protection that every employee of a company has independent and individual access (logins) to the IT systems. This is the only way to track who has performed which action in the systems and when. The reasons for this are manifold. On the one hand, this is to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the systems. If there are only shared company accounts, employees will sooner or later be careless with these general login credentials, since no one can prove who passed on the login credentials anyway. On the other hand, actions can only be assigned to employees with individual user accounts. This is particularly important in order to be able to professionally answer queries or to uncover criminal behavior and to be able to meaningfully differentiate authorized from unauthorized access by third parties (like hackers). Last but not least, it is essential and legally required to protect personal data within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The basis for providing individual logins is always the existence of an individual (company) e-mail address. This is required for the sign-up process as well as for subsequent reset or 'forgotten password' processes. Furthermore, individual login procedures such as the Magic Link can only be used with the use of a personal e-mail account.

Even if not all employees have a work e-mail account, the use of personal (private) e-mail accounts must be discouraged for security and data protection reasons.

Use cases

Industry Use Cases for Registration Processes without E-Mail Account

Engity offers a unique sign-up and registration feature within its authentication solution for customers whose users do not all have a company e-mail address. Below, a small collection of different use cases is presented. If your industry is not mentioned, do not worry, just contact us!

Login Management in Doctors' Offices

In doctor's offices, several employees usually share the same systems and often need access to particularly critical patient's data. From a data privacy standpoint, it is very important, that every employee has their own user account to protect personal data and reduce the misuse of a general access for everyone.
Doctor and receptionist in a doctors' office using IT systems after having logged in.

Identity & Access Management in the Logistics Sector

In the logistics sector, employees often do not have an individual e-mail account for signing-up, registering and managing their user accounts for the needed access to the logistics IT systems. Individual e-mail accounts should not be used due to security concerns. With Engity, this is no longer a problem!
Warehouse worker logged in SaaS solution on their handheld computer to check newly arrived goods in the warehouse.

User Authentication in Industrial Companies

In the past, employees in the production and industrial sector (e.g., at the assembly line) did not have access to IT systems. This has changed with the digitization and industrial employees more and more use IT-systems as part of their work. As they generally do neither have an individual e-mail address nor access to an enterprise e-mail client, granting them secure access to production systems is often a challenge.
Worker is registering himself at a tablet to start engineering check of a robotics arm machine.

Authorized Access to IT Systems in the Retail Industry

Retail sales agents generally have access to cash, inventory and other IT systems but often do not have an individual enterprise e-mail account. Shared access systems are not secure, not GDPR-compliant and bear the risk of being misused. Hence a user registration without individual e-mail account is often needed.
Clothes shop with a cash register terminal, where a saleswoman is just signing-up without the need for an e-mail.

Engity's Product Offering: Accounts with User Names Only

Person typing on a notebook while working.

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