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Engity's fully GDPR-compliant Identity & Access Management Solution helps European companies to operate legally in the EU in terms of data privacy

Data protection built-in

Engity CIAM is GPDR compliant

Engity has highest standards in technical data protection and avoids data transfers to third countries.

Why Data Privacy matters for an Identity & Access Management Provider

At Engity, we believe that data protection and privacy are not just necessary to be compliant with laws and regulations, but also provide a competitive advantage. Businesses and organizations have neither an interest in administrative fines nor data outflows, reputational damage, or loss of trade secrets. For this reason, we created the Engity CIAM platform as a fully GDPR-compliant cloud-based identity and access management solution.

With Engity's CIAM, your IAM not only meets high technical standards. It also maintains them, as the platform is constantly being further developed, expanded, and tested. Not only is this a technical and organizational measure for better data protection. It is also good business because it allows in-house IT professionals to concentrate on the actual business processes.

Most importantly, Engity CIAM runs in a European cloud. That does not just mean that servers and data centers are in the European Union. It also means that Engity as a company has its headquarters in Europe. This is important to avoid non-compliant data transfers to the US. Storing data on a server or in a cloud that is owned, even indirectly, by a U.S. company, is such data transfer. US companies are subject to very extensive obligations to disclose data to US security and investigative authorities, in particular under the Patriot Act and the Cloud Act. Whether the data is physically stored in the USA or the EU does not make a difference. For a deeper dive into this topic, please read more here.

Of course, compliance is one thing, but it is not worth much if the solution is not easy to implement at the same time and offers a great user experience. Read more about those aspects here.

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