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Passwordless Authentication using Magic or Login Link

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks on the classical password-based authentication method, passwordless authentication is becoming more and more popular. The authentication method is changed from something you know (the password) to something the user has (e.g. smartphone) or something the user is (e.g. fingerprint). The passwordless authentication method gives the user the ability to login without having to remember their password which has generally been the vulnerable part of the password-based authentication method. The passwordless authentication using a Magic Link requests login access by sending a message to the individual user's e-mail or SMS account and is confirmed by clicking an embedded link. Every time the users wants to access the system, the process is repeated. As the click of the link gives access to the application the link is called "Magic" link. If you want to base your authentication on another passwordless method, you should consider Engity's passwordless biometrics login.

Other Passwordless Methods

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Want to Move towards Passwordless Authentication via Magic Link?

Don't want your users to have to remember passwords, and you want to offer them a simple login method? Consider using a passwordless authentication using Magic (Login) Link. We support you on how to best implement it.