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Authentication Environments for Directories

Environments in Identity and Access Management

To meet the needs of our customers, Engity has developed a unique feature called "Environments for Directories". These Environments allow an additional management layer to be added on top of a standard database or directory. This opens up totally new possibilities for managing user directories. The biggest benefit is that you no longer have to manage several directories in parallel, but nevertheless do not need to sacrifice the advantages of this approach.

An environment can either be set up to provide a certain look-and-feel or define certain access rules for a user group if logging in with OpenID Connect or the SAML interface. Only if the predefined environment rules are met, the respective user gets access to the database.

Engity's Environments for Directories empowers our customers to easily scale operations and helps administrators to flexibly manage user directories based on actual needs. Additionally, our environments technology can be operated at lower costs, with less admin efforts, and at a higher security level than multiple directories side by side.

Or short: Multiple looks and rules, yet only one directory.

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What are Use Cases for Environments in Identity and Access Management

When companies set up a login-protected service, they typically create a user database or directory and define its attributes. They also need to decide which authentication methods to use. This basic approach usually works for most customers. However, depending on the service, there may be different rules and/or directories needed to meet all customer requirements. As a result, enterprises often set up multiple parallel directories to provide user groups with their own unique login experience or rule set.

One possible scenario is that a company promises customer A that all employees of A who can be identified with customer's A domain e-mail get a special access, or a special price. Currently, in such a use case an additional database with certain settings to which only the employees of customer A get access need to be provided. If a company has many customers with different rules, this can easily lead to a large number of directories needed.

With Engity's Environments for Directories' service, multiple directories are no longer necessary. A company can manage all its customers in one single database but with an infinite number of different appearances and access rules.

What can you do with Environments for Directories?

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Ready to Experience the Advantages of Environment Authentication Yourself?

You need to flexibly grant rights and permissions to users; you need to restrict access of certain user (groups) based on time or location? Creating several directories is not only elaborate, impractical, and costly but also a time-consuming task? With Engity's environment technology, you can y manage user rights flexibly, instantly, and easily. Contact us and let us convince you of our powerful solution.
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