Password Generator

A password generator is a tool or software that generates random and secure (strong) passwords. These Password Manager generated passwords consist of a random, unrelated combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. In addition, the strength of the generated password can be adjusted by specifying the length of the password, as well as other possible options (e.g. how often a special character may occur).

The purpose of a password generator is to help users create strong and unique passwords. These should be as difficult to guess or crack as possible. By avoiding weak passwords (which are easy to guess), the use of a password generator can regularly improve the security of online accounts and personal information.

A password generator can be used both online and offline, depending on whether it requires an internet connection or not. Some providers also offer the option of storing or managing passwords, e.g. in a password vault or in a password manager app.

This is therefore a useful additional tool to strengthen cybersecurity and reduce the risk of brute force attacks. However, a password generator is not a panacea, and users should still take further precautions, such as using different passwords for different services and/or enabling two-factor authentication.