A passphrase, rather than being “just” a password with more or less random characters, is a sequence of words strung together that can make for a very good access credential while at the same time being easy to memorize. So, in a way a passphrase “is” just a password, albeit a very special kind. When one really thinks about it tough, the best way to think of a passphrase is a way of constructing a clever password.

The key idea is that a passphrase can be long, complex, and have a high entropy, while still being easy to remember for a human as it contains a certain meaning. To really work as a password tough, such passphrase may have to be enriched with numbers and special characters. At the same time, any predictable patters or words that are too common should be avoided.

A good passphrase could, for example, combine a few things that just happen to be in the office of the user plus a few additions. In the author’s case, such phrase might be constructed from the words “book, window blinds, water, and sunglasses”. With a few common substitutions the result might be “b00k!windowblinds!water!Sunglasses”.

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